Belief Statements

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Review the following statements and notice how many of these beliefs are true for you consciously. Stay curious...


I am calm and confident even when money is tight.
I deserve to have all the money I need.
I can make all the money I need doing a job that I love.
It is safe, fun and easy to make lots of money.
I receive the money I am worth.


I am worthy of an intimate, passionate relationship.
I allow myself to be vulnerable and sensitive in relationships.
It's okay for me to set boundaries in relationships and I do so easily.
It's okay for my partner to disagree with me.
I am comfortable, confident and I enjoy expressing my sexuality in a relationship.


I trust the decisions I make.
I am true to my personal vision.
It's okay for others to disagree with me.
I trust the Divine guidance I am receiving.
I learn from my fears and failures as they lead me to wisdom and power.


I enjoy taking care of myself physically.
I see beauty in all parts of my body.
My body is healed, restored and filled with energy.
I treat my body like royalty.
It is safe, fun and easy for me to be slim and healthy.


My life is a perfect demonstration of the principle of Divine Love.
I listen to my Inner Voice and I confidently act upon what I hear.
When I follow my Inner Voice, the universe supports and nurtures me.
I anticipate miracles as a natural part of my life.
Life is unfolding perfectly.


I release the painful past and eagerly look forward to the good that awaits me.
I have faith that I am being guided to my next step.
I bless and release all those who have caused me pain.
I trust my future even though I can't see it clearly.
I forgive (name of person) for leaving me.

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